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How do I get started training for mold remediation & abatement?

To start your training you will need to purchase a enrollment key. All of our updated training course and package pricing is available at our Enrollment Center. Currently The Mold Remediation Specialist certification training course is: $299.00

mold remediation training

Buy Now 299.00

2 Courses: $249.50 each / 3 Courses: $216.66 each / 4 or more courses: $187.50 each

We have multi-course package's that you can combine with our special bulk pricing. Disaster Recovery Specialist Certification Course Package (WRS) + (MRS) + (FRS) + (DES) $750.00

3 Restoration Certification Course Package Mix Any 3 Courses $650.00 2 Restoration Certification Course Package's Mix any 2 courses $499.00

About Mold Remediation Certification

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Management and Pricing Resource For Students:

Do you need to price a mold job or need more estimating training? No Problem!

Simsol is offering pricing and estimating software for mold remediation and restoration industry with a 30 day trial.

All IRI students have an opportunity to work and learn with the same mold pricing software that thousands of insurance adjusters, contractors and property management companies have been using for over 27 years.

"Have your first estimates done with a SIMSOL trainer at no additional cost."

The Simsol pricing software is not a part of course work but can help you to expand your remediation education. - IRI

Free mold remediation pricing training videos are available on our online campus. Classroom training and webinars schedules are available on our online campus.

"The Simsol Cost Database is the only one of its kind in the property, remediation, restoration and insurance industry. Core residential, light commercial and heavy commercial cost databases". - Simsol

Some of what comes included: Simsol’s Virtual Scope Sheet, Reports and Forms, professional printed estimates and reports, CAD Drawing Tool with “Quick Sketch”, Extensive library of industry forms and reports and free online video training.

Remediation business owners, managers, technicians and adjusters. Price your first mold project today as you study. Impress your clients!

Mold Training Online?

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Online Mold Remediation Training?

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