Mold Remediation Specialist Certification and Training: April 21, 2014

Mold Remediation CertificationIn the Disaster Restoration Field you will encounter Mold.
International Restoration Institute's mold remediation certification course you will be provided information to help you address the mold issues you may come across in your mold remediation career.

When licensing is not required mold certification can be a requirement to perform remediation projects for banking, property management and insurance industries. Mold remediation training and certification shows the industry that you qualify to take on projects.
Steps used out in the field are the key components in our mold certification training along with the EPA & OSHA guidelines used by certified Mold Remediation Specialists everyday.

This mold remediation certification training has 10 modules of studies and quizzes for each module included! Quiz as often as you like to prepare for the final exam.
There is no time limit to complete this certification course!


IRI Mold Remediation Certification Training Includes:

Buy Now Understanding mold testing dynamics for mold remediation
Buy Now Mold Assessment
Buy Now Health Effects
Buy Now Types of Sampling
Buy Now Mold Remediation Methods
Buy Now Identify Tools and Equipment for Mold Remediation
Buy Now Materials and supplies for Mold Remediation
Buy Now Types of Toxic and Non- Toxic Mold
Buy Now Mold Remediation Cleaning Guidelines
Buy Now Mold Remediation Containment Guidelines
Buy Now Mold Remediation Containment Construction
Buy Now Identify Tools and equipment for Mold Remediation
Buy Now Personal Property Restoration for Mold Remediation
Buy Now Mold Remediation Site Safety
Buy Now Mold Remediation Communication procedures
Buy Now Understanding the Mold protocol for Mold Remediation
Buy Now Mold Inspection Procedures for Mold Remediation
Buy Now Understanding Sick Building syndrome
Buy Now Understanding Anti-microbial and biocides applications for Mold Remediation
Buy Now Reading lab results from testing for Mold Remediation

Buy Now Access to our online campus business resources area

Buy Now Access to our online campus construction video reference 

This course includes Technician, Advanced and Commercial Remediation Principles.
Purchase of this mold certification training course includes test, registration, enrollment key and IRI certification fees.

Added Convenience:

  • Access to our online campus business resources area
  • Access to our online campus industry related video reference
  • Access to our restoration forum.
  • Simsol mold remediation, restoration and reconstruction pricing software trial and training.
  • Free Campus Technical Support.
  • This course is approximately 40 hours.
  • There are no time limits and you can go at your own pace.
  • No course enrollment expiration.
  • No extra charges for exam re-takes.
  • Start and stop studying at anytime and pick up where you left off.
  • Print out course material.
  • Course works with pads and smart phones with flash.
  • Your own web page at the IRI Google search for a specialist to show customers your qualified!?
  • Once you pass your course you will receive a copy of your Mold Remediation Specialist ® certificate to print out.
  • Volunteer IRI Student Advisors that are experts in the industry are available to answer your questions about course work, pricing, equipment or project scenarios at no additional cost. (During Regular Business Hours)
  • We also have included links to fill out contractor vendor applications for major insurance companies to help your company to grow once you have received your certification.
When you complete the mold certification training you will receive your mold certification and be listed in our business and Google Integrated Specialist Search.

Watch the video below to get a inside look at the career of a               Mold Remediation Specialist®


Management and Pricing Resource For Students:

Do you need to price a mold job or need more estimating training? No Problem!
Simsol is offering pricing and estimating software for mold remediation and restoration industry with a 30 day trial. All IRI students have an opportunity to work and learn with the same mold pricing software that thousands of insurance adjusters, contractors and property management companies have been using for over 27 years.

"Have your first estimates done with a SIMSOL trainer at no additional cost."
The Simsol pricing software is not a part of course work but can help you to expand your remediation education. - IRI

Free mold remediation pricing training videos are available on our online campus. Classroom training and webinars schedules are available on our online campus.

"The Simsol Cost Database is the only one of its kind in the property, remediation, restoration and insurance industry. Core residential, light commercial and heavy commercial cost databases". - Simsol

Some of what comes included: Simsol’s Virtual Scope Sheet, Reports and Forms, professional printed estimates and reports, CAD Drawing Tool with “Quick Sketch”, Extensive library of industry forms and reports and free online video training.

Remediation business owners, managers, technicians and adjusters. Price your first mold project today as you study. Impress your clients!

How do I get started training for mold remediation & abatement?

To start your training you will need to purchase a enrollment key. All of our updated training course and package pricing is available at our Enrollment Center.
The Mold Remediation Specialist certification training course is:


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What are the savings and benefits of online mold remediation certification and training?

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