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All IRI Restoration certification courses and exams are provided on our online campus!

Our courses are designed to help the contractor understand and aid in the disaster recovery process.

We are dedicated to training individuals and companies to be successful in Disaster Restoration and Recovery industry.

We know that in the disaster restoration field you can't always find time to attend time consuming and costly classes.

We believe that online training is an essential key to reduce companies bottom-line (Hotels, Gas, High Training Class fees and Airfare) and to educate timely and efficiently in todays disaster recovery industry.

We offer an alternative so you can study certification courses without the extra costs.

All courses are developed on a (LMS) Learning Management System, The leading standard of online training used by universities, colleges and technical schools worldwide.

We Provide:

  1. Fire Restoration Training And Certification
  2. Water Restoration Training And Certification
  3. Mold Remediation Training And Certification
  4. Disaster Estimation Training And Certification

You can Study online at your pace with no time limit or restrictions.

International Restoration Institutes learning platform was developed by industry in-field professionals dedicated to helping victims of property damage return to their normal lives.

All courses are designed for EPA, OSHA, American Council for the Accredited Certification (ACAC), FAL (Foundation For Accredited Learning) and state guidelines and standards.

You can always check our course calendar at the National Center For Healthy Housing

Once you compete your course you will receive your certificate and be listed on our website Google database as a certified specialist.


What is a Accredited Learning Program?

Our Third-Party Accreditation
The Foundation for Accredited Learning (FAL) formally accredits learning programs. FAL accreditation is third-party verification that a training course is developed and administered to the highest standards.   IRI is Accredited through FAL 

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American Council for Accredited Certifications

IRI courses are registered with the ACAC for test preparation or continuing education. ACAC registered courses are not required to work in the restoration industry but are used in states that require licensing.

 An ACAC registered prep course is required to take the applicable ACAC proctored exam for mold remediation licensing in Florida. This course is Accredited and Registered for licensing in Florida, Louisiana, Maryland. These states have additional requirements along with completing our registered courses.

Maryland, Florida, Louisiana and Texas are the only states that have passed laws for a mold remediation license.


The IRI Mold Remediation Specialist course is a registered Prep Course for the CMR by ACAC.

The IRI Water Restoration Specialist is a registered prep course for the CSDR by ACAC.


IRI Courses


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